How To Get Your Ex Back In 4 Easy Steps

Getting your ex back isn’t as complicated as a lot of women think. It can seem like theOptimized-zz end of the world when it seems like he wants nothing to do with you but all that’s required is a little self-control and a well thought out strategy.

Here’s how you get your ex back in 4 easy steps:

1. Avoid contact with him: One of the key parts to getting your ex back is to make him realize how much he misses you and as the old saying goes, “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. This may or may not be challenging for you depending on what your relationship looks like now. Like for example if you work at the same place or go to the same school. No matter what the circumstance though, make sure he isn’t seeing you at all. That means no calling him, no texting him, to engaging with him on social media, and no bumping into him “by chance”.

So now you know what step one is but why in the heck are you doing it? The first reason is to take a step back and get some perspective. You can’t think clearly and strategize on getting your ex back if your emotions are controlling you. The second is to plant the seed for him to miss you. If he still has contact with you then he isn’t going to know what it’s like not having you around.

2. Make yourself better while he’s sweating it out: During the time that you aren’t in contact with your ex is the time you need to build yourself up.

There’s no set time period on how long you need to break contact with your former man but in general, it should be at least 4-5 weeks. That’s because our bodies naturally produce hormones and chemicals that help us form emotional bonds. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to months for those chemicals to subside (and for your ex to notice them subsiding).

This website explains more about that

This is also a very important time period for you…

Spend these weeks working on your mind, your body, and your soul. Exercise every day. Do things that relax you and spend time with loved ones.

3. Make your entrance: At this point, a few to several weeks should have passed. If you’ve followed this advice correctly, your body should be bang’in, your head should be clear and you should be at peace. In other words, you should feel like you don’t need him anymore (but you’re going to get him back).

Another thing that should be happening is that he should be missing you like crazy. You see in many relationships when men and women break up if a girl instantly starts contacting her ex, he never has a chance to start missing her.

Now is when you go in for the kill and attack when he is at his weakest. Make a splash on social media with your new look. Get your hair done, get some new clothes and start making your presence known in his world.

You can also contact him at this point but keep it light. Don’t call him but shoot him a casual text saying something like “Hey, saw you out and about the other day”. Or maybe even include a pic of yourself. Leave it open-ended and don’t expect a reply.

4. Leave him hanging: Don’t immediately start trying to have a two-way dialogue with your ex. Let him know you’re there but don’t come across as desperate. You want him to remember how good it was to be with you but don’t let him think he has a chance.

Eventually, you will have your ex knocking down your door. He’ll start texting you, engaging with you on social, maybe even calling you just to see “What’s up?”.